Pension Plans


D. H. Evans Associates, Inc. provides plan design, consulting, record keeping, ERISA compliance and nondiscrimination testing services for defined contributions of many sizes and configurations.  We can tailor our services to meet the needs of the individual plan sponsor. 

We can meet the needs of a large multiemployer annuity plan or the needs of a small or medium size company’s 401 (k) plan.

We specialize in consulting and record keeping services, which allows our clients greater flexibility in customizing their plans.  We can work with many investment providers who provide a myriad of investment options.

We can administer a company’s section 125 (cafeteria/flexible benefit) plan and their retirement plan; thus, providing both the plan sponsor and the participants with a single contact point for their benefit plan needs.

We can administer “traditional” balance forward plans as well as plans that allow participant directed investments. Through our own systems or those of our “partners in service”, we can provide quarterly, monthly or daily valuation of the plan participants’ accounts.

We can provide investment and plan education for your participants or work closely with your investment advisor in this process.

One of our key strengths is our ability to be flexible which helps the plan sponsor customize their plan arrangements to meet the needs of their plan’s participants.