Hello, I’m CK Welcome to my World.

About Me

Hi I am Chandrakant. I am a multi-disciplinary maker with over 10 years of experience in wide range of design disciplines, manager, adviser, digital Marketer, Marketing Automation, Front end developer, traveler, photographer.

My Digital Creative Lab

“The Groove Labs” is a multi-disciplinary visual communication home. Groove Labs nurtures imaginations to breed innovative creations that challenge conventional design standards. Strategic solutions, fresh perspectives and local designs with global aesthetics chalk out the best prescription to strengthen the aura of brands. We believe that every problem is an opportunity and that every opportunity is a challenge, as we have very high standard of expectation from ourselves. We are our own competition so every project needs to be better than the last. We don’t box ourselves into a particular style as we believe in storytelling and every story has to be narrated differently. We deliver out of the box solutions like Best Digital Marketing Solutions, Best Website Development Sevices, Best SEO Services, Content Writing & Best Signage Solutions for every industry and unique solutions for clients within the same industry. We are in the business of designs. How our designs can drive greater business for our client is the most important factor for us at Groove Labs. We believe good design should go much beyond just good looking design. We also feel responsible to create a better visual culture for people not just the clients, but client’s client and the public at large. “Creating Unique Ideas”

My Latest Project

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Hire Me

I am available for freelance work. Connect with me via phone: +917668821011 or email: [email protected]